Baby Chick Loving Kitten

Babiest Chick

My 14 year old. He is one of my two book ends and clearly the baby. Adore and love him and love to cuddle him. He has a short fuse and full of fire, and also good at cooking. Been trying to push him in that direction, and some days he’s totally into it, and other days he’s just NOT. He HAD to buy a dirt bike (yes with his own money), and rode it for the first month. That was months ago.

The bike pays rent in the garage now.

He is super funny and super quick witted and he does try my ever-dissolving patience. Out of the four children, he is without doubt, my most sensitive. That side is hidden beneath his tough exterior.

But if you read above again, “adore and love him and love to cuddle him,” this time is incredibly short lived. I am not one of those mothers who is quick to hurry their kids out the door.

No way, no how.

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