Little Brown Bird

Birds and More Birds

Another nod to the GreyFeathers name came a little later in the year, while we were at our house in Florence. My friend and I were sitting on my balcony and a beautiful bright yellow bird flew right across from where we were sitting and landed in a tree. He sat dead straight across from us for like 10 minutes. Afterwards the bird flew down to the ground and stayed there for another 10 minutes. Finally, he flew away.

The third nod to my blog was about two weeks later, also in Florence, we were having lunch outside. It was a beautiful warm day, we were under an umbrella.

A little grey bird flew right over to me and then down to the floor. It stayed there for one hour. It just sat there. I thought at first it was pecking for food, but it literally just sat right next to my foot. Like it was sleeping. Maybe it was sick? I gave it food and the bird looked at it, but went back to nap. The bird didn’t look hurt or distressed, nothing seemed broken. Another bird came over and ate the food I put down for the little grey bird. The grey bird walked around a little but then eventually went back to where my foot was.

For an hour.

And then it flew away.

(I took the photo for this article – the actual little grey bird)


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