Bucket List

Bucket List

I have officially checked off my entire Travel-To bucket list.

Finished it in December 2017 when I finally made it to New Orleans (NOLA). I thought about starting another, but honestly, I’m done. Everything else is gravy.

The places I’ve been and will speak about briefly from time to time are domestic as well as international. The closest place has been my back yard, in front of the fireplace. The farthest, hands down, Hong Kong.


I’ve seen Stonehenge while I was in England, saw the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, as well as the Blarney Stone. I’ve had everything I own (think passports, credit cards, diamond earrings!) get stolen out of the Louvre Museum in Paris… yet never got to see any of the exhibits! I’ve seen the Glockenspiel in Munich and the Neuschwanstein Castle (Cinderella) in Germany, as well as the Dachau Concentration camp. I got to walk through Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam (one of my all-time favorite memories, ever).

The David

Walked through the streets of Pompeii, walked down the Spanish Steps, seen the Vatican, been on a gondola ride, and tossed a penny in the Trevi Fountain. I’ve seen THE DAVID, in his naked glory. And Anthony Bourdain’s channel about food in parts unknown…. I’ve seen it in the streets of Hong Kong – that shit is freaky.

I saw Niagara Falls both as a child and as an adult, amazing, and if you didn’t believe in God before you saw the Grand Canyon, you sure as heck believed after.

The list will go on as I write more about each of these places.

But there is one place that holds my heart, dearly.


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