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Dream of Blog

Hands down my dream for this website is for our age group to get together and share our stories. How many of you feel like you are going through your life alone? I am talking about alone in your head. Unless you have a therapist that you see weekly (sometimes you wish you could see […]

Changes Saying

Familiar Expressions

Several years ago I came across the expression, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”  Having never heard that expression, I toyed with it in my mind – playing a sort of ping pong. I decided that I really liked the expression. I went a step further after digesting what it really meant… and decided to put […]

Menopause Calendar


Menopause. Don’t you just LOVE that word? The sound of it. The meaning of it. How we thought it would go. What we thought it would bring. Am I ringing any truths? Add in the ‘I don’t have a mom’ factor. What a doozy. I had no idea what my mother’s menopause was like or […]