Thankfulness and Gratitude

Several years ago, I read a book, “One Thousand Gifts,” written by Ann Voskamp. What the author was essentially saying was to acknowledge and give thanks for whatever was going on in your life. Big or small. It blew me away, the simplicity of the meaning and why we should all be doing it. I […]

Pic from Journal

Found Journal

The other day I was cleaning out one of my junk drawers (I actually have several junk drawers in my bedroom closet – no lie!) and found a treasure. I found the journal that my mother had written for me. I had forgotten about it, so you could imagine my face when I saw it. […]


Did You Ever Notice

Why is it, when someone close to you is dying, people around them become ugly and nasty? Why? I noticed it with my own parents, with my grandmother, and with other loved ones. Why are we all so screwed up? Everyone’s feelings get hurt. Our expectations of the caregivers are never quite met. Heck, both […]

Mom and Dad

Couldn’t Make This Up

This is a true story. Dad called me on the phone (I wrote down our conversation as soon as I hung up, December 28, 2008) just 4 weeks after mom died. “I had a bad day today Helena. I thought about her (mom) all day, probably because I was home alone putting the Christmas stuff […]

Mom and Dad

My Dad

My dad grew up in the City of Brotherly Love. Super intelligent, man of few words, and big-time lacking common sense. Great athlete, he enjoyed reading science fiction, and writing. You knew he was from Philadelphia by the way he said water – “wooder.” You can take the man out of Philly, but you can’t […]


My Mother’s Death

At age 62, stage 1 lung cancer, mom decided to go the chemotherapy/radiation route. The doctors told her it would extend her quality and quantity of life. Since I was in the closest proximity to mom, mostly everyone called me for updates and suggested I inform her about the seriousness of chemotherapy. In the same […]

Old Woman

Ten Women

In February 2006, I read an article in a magazine (I think the magazine was called Real or something like that), that I would never forget. The title was something like (forgive me, I have THE WORST MEMORY of anyone I know), Bits of Wisdom From 10 Women Over the Age of 100. Basically, it […]


Unexpected Psychic Reading

I have never had a formal “reading” before, the type you would get from Theresa Caputo, John Edward, or Tyler Henry. But, something quite unique happened to me last year, which in a round-about way, goes to the feathers nod at the name of my blog, GreyFeathers. Sitting at a large round table at a […]

Menopause Calendar


Menopause. Don’t you just LOVE that word? The sound of it. The meaning of it. How we thought it would go. What we thought it would bring. Am I ringing any truths? Add in the ‘I don’t have a mom’ factor. What a doozy. I had no idea what my mother’s menopause was like or […]