Thankfulness and Gratitude

Several years ago, I read a book, “One Thousand Gifts,” written by Ann Voskamp. What the author was essentially saying was to acknowledge and give thanks for whatever was going on in your life. Big or small. It blew me away, the simplicity of the meaning and why we should all be doing it. I […]

Husband with Dunce Cap

Wiser than your Husband

Is it just my marriage, or is it most marriages – that the wife arrives at a conclusion FAR faster than the husband? I have no idea why my husband gets to where I am, at LEAST a year later. Most times, it’s YEARS later. Am I right? Why is that? It’s not like I’m […]

Mom and Dad

Couldn’t Make This Up

This is a true story. Dad called me on the phone (I wrote down our conversation as soon as I hung up, December 28, 2008) just 4 weeks after mom died. “I had a bad day today Helena. I thought about her (mom) all day, probably because I was home alone putting the Christmas stuff […]

Ex Husband

Ex Marks the Spot

I have one, do you? An ex-spouse. Married him when I was 23, like not even 23 an entire month yet. I was madly in love with him. He made me laugh, a lot. We did have some issues before we married. I was never under the impression that I could change him, or that […]

Craig in Florence

Successful Spouses

I AM very proud of my husband for being as successful as he is. Being focused, financially driven, goal oriented, super hard working, giving personal attention to his clients – going above what was expected of him, is what has gotten him to where he is today. If you have a successful spouse, you also […]


Love of my Life

He’s known in Florence as “Gregorio” (Craig), but to me he is my best friend. Italy is his girlfriend. I am his wife (love). The wonderful thing about him is that he allows me to be me. Me in my post-menopausal, anxiety-ridden brain, cry at anything, trust no one, failure, realist, mushy heart baby that […]