Chicken Broth

Galline Vecchie Fanno Buon Brodo

Gallina vecchia fanno buon brodo. Cosa vuol dire?  Una gallina vecchia ha la carne dura, e per farla ammorbidire, bisogna cuocerla a lungo; questo fa sì che il brodo venga più saporito. Fuor di metafora, il detto allude alla positività della vecchiaia per via delle molte esperienze accumulate nel corso della vita.

Ireland, Glendalough


Ireland is my favorite country. I first visited Ireland about six years ago. While I never did visit the northern, more tempestuous region, I did visit both east and west coasts, as well as some of the south. Hands down, my favorite part of Ireland is what’s between Dublin and Galway. That’s where the romance […]

Breaking News

Breaking News

Where were you when Elvis Presley died? I know you remember. I was living in upstate NY, it was 1977, I was 12. It was August and I was walking back home from a friend’s house. I remember hearing people inside their homes, crying, while the TV was on – from house to house (no […]


Italian Cooking

Ciao! Cooking helps me, not only stay nourished, but gives my brain something ELSE to think about. I have traveled to quite a few places and my favorite food group is always Italian. Hands down, the best food is usually the most simple food. And for me, Italian cookery is that. If you’ve ever been […]

Little Brown Bird

Birds and More Birds

Another nod to the GreyFeathers name came a little later in the year, while we were at our house in Florence. My friend and I were sitting on my balcony and a beautiful bright yellow bird flew right across from where we were sitting and landed in a tree. He sat dead straight across from […]

Bucket List

Bucket List

I have officially checked off my entire Travel-To bucket list. Finished it in December 2017 when I finally made it to New Orleans (NOLA). I thought about starting another, but honestly, I’m done. Everything else is gravy. The places I’ve been and will speak about briefly from time to time are domestic as well as […]