Caymus Wine

Ok, I know, I have this Italian thing going on. It’s really my husband’s Italian thing going on…. I just sort of tag along…. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Italy very much. My father’s side is Italian from both the northern and southern regions. My maiden name was un-mistakingly Italian. Why all the Italian talk?

Because Italian’s make good wine, “vino.” Ask me if I like Italian wine, in general. Go on, ask…

With the exception of Tignanello and Il Pareto, I very much dislike Italian wine.

Me, I’m California ALL THE WAY kinda girl!

And Caymus, my ALL TIME FAVORITE wine, EVER. It’s a cabernet sauvignon. It’s fruity up front, like dark cherries with oaky back. Medium bodied and great right out of the bottle. You never need to open it an hour before you want to drink it so it can breathe.

It sells for around $70 a bottle.  Totally worth every drop.

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