Mom and Dad

Couldn’t Make This Up

This is a true story. Dad called me on the phone (I wrote down our conversation as soon as I hung up, December 28, 2008) just 4 weeks after mom died.

“I had a bad day today Helena. I thought about her (mom) all day, probably because I was home alone putting the Christmas stuff away, sorting through the photos to get them ready for the new albums.”

“Awe dad, I’m sorry, I had two really bad days, but I’m better today.”

“I missed her all day. You know what I did?”

“No, what did you do?”

“I went under her email account and typed an email to my email address that said, “I miss you,” and then I emailed it to myself, like it was coming from mom.”

At this point I could barely speak and had tears falling from my eyes.

“So then I went under my email account and saw an email from mom. I returned “her” email that said, “I miss you too.”

Do you have any similar memories?  I would love to hear them.

By the way, I couldn’t type this without tears.

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