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Before I began this blog, for YEARS, my friends told me to do a blog on food/cooking/baking.

I do share a kind of kinship with food, as we all do. I like to find a recipe (read it step by step), buy the ingredients, and hunker down… sometimes with a glass of wine 🙂

My anxiety takes a nice little vacation while I cook, following a recipe or listening to music, sipping some wine. Some days the house just smiles like, “wow, I get to live here.” (because it smells so good)

Dinner table

And then there are those days when I sit down for dinner and I take that first bite, I look down at (whoever is at the table) and I say, “I can’t believe I made this!” I shock myself. Like heck… really? I made this??

If you cook with love you will amaze yourself!!

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