RedHead Cocktail

Guilty Pleasures

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not really) and assume we all have more than one guilty pleasure. Yes? A game of “I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.” Wanna play? Good, I knew you would.

I will go first, as this is my blog! But do tell me yours. Let’s see if we have similar guilty pleasures AND if they’ve changed at all since we were younger, or since menopause.

Bookshelf at home

Reading, I hated reading for school, but once the summer came around, I loved reading. And I still love reading. It’s the only way I know of going somewhere without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Also, good for our friend Anxiety.

My newest guilty pleasure is binge watching TV shows. My current and re-occurring favorites are “The Office” and “Shameless.” I also loved every season of “Breaking Bad.” The theme song from “The Office” is the ringtone on my cell. When Steve Carrell left the show and there were two more seasons – I was ticked. I decided I would not finish the show. But my daughter told me to continue, for Jim & Pam. After about a week I continued and I was happy that I did. Who are my favorite characters on “The Office?” All of them. So well written.

“Shameless,” I’m in season four (or maybe five?) and I truly love all the characters, especially Frank because he’s just brilliant and smarmy, and I love Mickey because he’s such a sweet guy under the layers of crap.

In “Breaking Bad” my favorite two characters (honestly, I loved all of them) were Walter and Jessie – polar opposites. I thought the cinematography in every episode was fantastic, magical, incredible.

Playing Games on Toilet

On my phone for the times when I have nothing else to do but sit and wait around… I installed Mahjong. It keeps me busy when I’m doing my bid-ness on the toilet, when I’m waiting for the kids to get in the car from school, or waiting for the doctor.

I get manicures often, not every week, but nearly. And while they only cost $15, I think of manicures as one of the most selfish things to do.

When my husband and I go out, sometimes we go to one of my favorite places and we drink something we shouldn’t drink. The cocktail is named, The Redhead, and let me tell you… If you didn’t feel guilty before drinking, you sure as heck feel guilty after. You can’t drink just one.

Massages are the ultimate in guilty pleasures. Many moons ago, for many years, we had a massage therapist come to our house, every Thursday night. We stopped when my husband started working mega hours. We bought a massage table recently – hoping to get back into massages, especially now that I’m going to the chiropractor three days a week.

Now it’s your turn, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

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