Italian Cooking

Ciao! Cooking helps me, not only stay nourished, but gives my brain something ELSE to think about. I have traveled to quite a few places and my favorite food group is always Italian. Hands down, the best food is usually the most simple food. And for me, Italian cookery is that.

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you already know that pizza is never made with shreds of mozzarella, but with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Food is never heavily sauced, like Sunday gravy. They don’t serve you garlic bread, nor butter. Or have bacon and eggs or even pancakes for breakfast. These things do not exist. And when you’re in Italy, trust me, you won’t miss any of it.

The first time I was in Italy, was where I met my first real egg. I’m talking an egg that when you cracked it open, the yolk was orange. No lie. That was in Positano. Later during that trip, we took the ferry over to Capri and when our tuna panino arrived, it was without mayo. Holy crap… what a revelation. It was odd in thought (I don’t like mayo, but it’s TUNA and you NEED mayo) but when you swallowed your first bite – WHAMO, you were in love.

That was many trips ago. And I have seen and learned a lot in the last 15+ years about Italian cooking. Cooking in general, as you age, you learn more and steal more ideas and somehow make them all your own.

But you already knew that.

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