Second Son

Middle Son

My middle son is like no other child I’ve met. He’s “normal’ and normal and pretty normal. He was born cool, he remains cool, and was born in the wild… clearly his parents or family do not exist… because clearly, we are UNCOOL.

He’s definitely his sign (Gemini, the twins) – one side of him is swag, great politician, the other side is saving money and understanding how things fit together – very technical. He loves history.

I had to PUSH him to get his drivers permit, 6 months after his birthday, because “he is a cool dude in a loose mood.” He is just happy to be alive. He is happy to breathe. When he was little, when he played sports, the coaches always named him, ‘smiley’ because the kid was just happy to be living.

Of course, this is only my opinion, as an observer, as this child was clearly born in the wild.

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