My Bio

Hi, I am glad you stumbled upon my little blog. My name is Helena, I am 52, a wife and a mother of four. I live in Florida, and I hope you like what you read.

I need to stop here for a second. Look at how round my face is. Dear Lawd it’s like a bowling ball on top of my shoulders. And judging by my tan, you would think I lived in Seattle, certainly not Florida. 

I started this blog for a few reasons, but mainly to keep me busy, out of trouble, and to share thoughts and experiences with you. I have been told in the past to start a blog about cooking, which I thought was a good idea, but come on… life is more than that!

My passions are my husband (no lie!), cooking, drinking cabernet, reading, writing, travel, and doing my best to enjoy the bumps along the road. Some days I get to do all.

Until last night, trying to come up with a name for my blog, I never did anything social media. I didn’t do FB or Instagram or even Tweet. Every blog name I tried was already taken. I decided to sleep on it. I figured God would help me out. Woke up at 5:30am with “Birds of a Feather.” Taken, of course. Thinking more about what I wanted this blog to be about. If you are somewhere between 40ish and 60ish, seriously, we have lived over half of our lives… which means we have some things in common.

While we may flock together, we all have (and rightly earned) Grey “Feathers.” Yes – physically, but this blog is more about stages, experiences we can share, connecting with one another, and stuff that floats my boat.

As they say in Italy, “Galline vecchie fanno buon brodo!”

“Old chickens make good broth!”

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