Krazy Glued my Thumb

One of THOSE days

Ever have one of THOSE days? You know the type I’m talking about. The kind that not just one thing goes wrong but a series of things go wrong, like someone says something offensive to you AND your kids decide that their way is just better…along with your bunk mate, Anxiety.

For the most part, you can deal with one or two “things” – we know by our age to get back up and brush ourselves off. And about 90% of the time, it works. But sometimes I feel like many “things” are a perfect storm.

I swear I can hear my mother’s voice, “this too shall pass Helena…” “yeah mom, I know, but I still have to live it!” She could never argue after that. We all know it’s true.

Big Girl Panties

So, what does a woman do to get herself out of a funk? My mother never told me about big girl panties. I learned about them when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Never knew they even existed. Since my mom’s death, I have actually “loaned” the pair of panties to my friends who needed them badly – yes, I actually found a cut-out pair of pink panties – mailed them all over the place to whoever was in need.

Of course, a bad day doesn’t really qualify itself to wearing big girl panties, but I like knowing I have a pair in my back pocket just in case.

What do we do? Most of the time just knowing that tomorrow is an entirely different day usually helps me. The thought of running away puts my pity party on hold. Going through my daily routine is also helpful. I do talk to God, I admit. Wondering why me, why today? Giving thanks of course because I know if I didn’t have crap days it could possibly mean I wasn’t breathing. I think about my children who are out of the house, how lucky they are not to be here.

But by the time dinner is on the table, I am happy again. Alright, maybe happy is too strong a word here, I think content is more like it.

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