Screaming Eagle

Screaming Eagle

There is a California wine named Screaming Eagle. Probably most people have never heard of it because it sells for around $2,500++ PER BOTTLE. Received 100 points from both Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate in past years. It always remains in the 90+ point range. For non-wine drinkers, anything 90-100 points is impressive with 100 being the best.

What did my husband and I think? Considering it was around $600 per glass, for the price point, I would think it was THE GREATEST WINE that ever lived – would you not?

It was a nice glass of wine. It was spicy and oaky and (for me) had strong tannins. As it mellowed, the wine became a little less spicy.

But was it anything special? Not for my palate. It was like any other bottle of wine that wasn’t fruity, tasted more like an Italian wine, oaky and earthy.

Not my thing.

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