Changes Saying

Familiar Expressions

Several years ago I came across the expression, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” ¬†Having never heard that expression, I toyed with it in my mind – playing a sort of ping pong. I decided that I really liked the expression. I went a step further after digesting what it really meant… and decided to put […]

Ex Husband

Ex Marks the Spot

I have one, do you? An ex-spouse. Married him when I was 23, like not even 23 an entire month yet. I was madly in love with him. He made me laugh, a lot. We did have some issues before we married. I was never under the impression that I could change him, or that […]

Old Woman

Ten Women

In February 2006, I read an article in a magazine (I think the magazine was called Real or something like that), that I would never forget. The title was something like (forgive me, I have THE WORST MEMORY of anyone I know), Bits of Wisdom From 10 Women Over the Age of 100. Basically, it […]