Email from Son

And then there are those days when you walk through the door, turn on your laptop, take a seat and read your e-mail… from my oldest: “Mom, What I wanted to say earlier to you was that when I got back in my car, and saw that you had deposited the money, it made me […]

Baby Chick Loving Kitten

Babiest Chick

My 14 year old. He is one of my two book ends and clearly the baby. Adore and love him and love to cuddle him. He has a short fuse and full of fire, and also good at cooking. Been trying to push him in that direction, and some days he’s totally into it, and […]

9 1 1


So, the story goes like this:  20+ years ago my five year old son fell and hit his head on the toilet or on the bathroom sink. We never quite knew which. After being in the bathroom for far longer than he should have, we finally checked on him. He was unconscious, actually turned a […]