Unexpected Psychic Reading

I have never had a formal “reading” before, the type you would get from Theresa Caputo, John Edward, or Tyler Henry. But, something quite unique happened to me last year, which in a round-about way, goes to the feathers nod at the name of my blog, GreyFeathers.

Sitting at a large round table at a restaurant, we were having dinner with a psychic/clairvoyant, and a bunch of friends. I did not know who she was – as it was the first time we had ever met. About the time the dessert came to the table, my friend says to the psychic, “this is Helena, both of her parents are deceased.” We both said hello and smiled.  About a minute later she starts talking across the table about hummingbirds. She said that all those hummingbirds I had been seeing were my mother’s guide to check on me.

(I’m thinking that this woman was certifiable)…. Hummingbirds? For real? I don’t know anything about hummingbirds and I have no clue what she’s talking about.

I smile and nod and sort of ignore her.

She goes on to further say that while I’m in the kitchen with everyone, cooking and having a good time, my mother is always there with us.

Ok, so, at our age, what are the chances we are cooking and having a good time in the kitchen… like 100%?

Again, another smile and a nod.  This woman is crazy.

Lastly, she goes on to say that my mother is really worried about my brother.


This crazy woman may not be crazy after all.

As my husband and I were walking to the car a little later he said to me, “don’t you remember several months ago you told me about the hummingbirds outside our bedroom window.  How you always saw them for like months?”

Holy crap.

She nailed it.

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