Women's Lower Body

Women Shaming

Have you ever noticed when you walk out of the house for a night out, you dress for other women? When was the last time you dressed for your man? Call me crazy, but why would we dress for other women’s approval? Why do we need to impress other women?

How many times have you watched a woman look at another woman, starting from their shoes, moving their eyes upwards through her mid-section, and finally ending at her face? You and I know what those women are doing, and we know it because we’ve done it ourselves, haven’t we?

We check out what type of shoes (if they go with her outfit), if they are expensive or not. If women didn’t shame other women, do you think we would care if we were a little chubby or a little over exposed? Heck no.

Men love over-exposed women. And why not? We have breasts! We have waists! We have soft silky skin! And (my least favorite asset of my own) we have hips!

These women who pose for men’s magazines, heck, if I had a great body, I would too. Why not? Why not earn money for your asset(s)? People earn money for talents and modeling.  Who says a woman has to be shamed because she’s getting paid to be in a magazine, whether as a hand model, face model, or body model. Right??

Why do some women think it’s beneath other women to do that? If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it!

As I pointed out in the Taxi Driver article, I think we all want to belong. These women who body shame other women want to belong to a certain clique that says, “I’m better than her.”

Women shaming other women are obviously insecure with themselves.

That’s it in a nutshell. My 2 cents of course.

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