Blended Families during Coronavirus

“I remarried two years ago. Both of us brought two adult children and their respective families into the our new world. All was going pretty smoothly. For the most part, each child is responsible and self sufficient within their own family units. They have accepted and welcomed the step-parent into their lives. How are others navigating blended family with adult kids during Covid?

For the most part all of the kids are of the same mind-set in terms of making responsible decisions and keeping their risk low during Covid from their perspective. However, over time some inconsistencies as to how “keeping safe” when interacting with each family unit during Covid have developed.

Of late, my husband has been voicing his opinion that WE need to be consistent from one family unit to the next. And in an ideal world this would be fantastic. Trouble is this: the situations with each family unit is not the same. If we were to be consistent it keeps me away from my one daughter as she lives further away than the other three.

We are unable to have outdoor visits without having to drive a great distance to see them. The other three live closely by and is convenient for us to have outdoor visits with them whenever time permits.

Up until now my husband willingly and strongly encouraged me to go see my daughter for as long as I wanted to – without masks.

Recently my husband has been helping his son renovate his house – wearing masks while indoors – both of us agreed upon that as his son has children that he co-parents with his ex-spouse. And we are unsure if the risk that they bring to the picture.

My husband has begun to feel resentment that he has to wear a mask when he is with his son and I go off to see my daughter (up to this point at his encouragement) without a mask on.

I get the inconsistency. I get it.

I guess what I am asking… if each family unit is deciding for itself what they feel comfortable with… What if they are not the same? And “consistency” prevents one step parent from seeing their child. How in the world are others with blended families of adult children navigating through this? Is this just unique to be in Covid or is “consistency” going to be a bigger issue that we just have not encountered yet? Any ideas or thoughts welcomed.” -Anonymous

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