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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) Linnea has asked, “I’ll be 64 in November and am…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

Linnea has asked, “I’ll be 64 in November and am retiring the end of December.

I’m happy and worried about it.

Is this normal?”


  1. Absolutely, iam 64 and retired and single.i was forced into retirement because of health issues.the worrying is normal because of the uncertainty of finances and activity. But you will find happiness in having time to do the things you have never had time for before. And time for you.yes I have to budget a bit tighter but I certainly think the happiness out weights the worry. It’s a new start, a fresh start, enjoy life.good luck

  2. Yes, perfectly normal. You have never been retired before, so the unknown causes anxiety. Start thinking about what makes you happy. Exploring things you didn’t have time for when working is great!

  3. Yes, it’s normal. I retired 3 years ago at age 63. I was excited, but worried at the same time. Other than short periods of time after the births of my 2 sons, there had never been a time when I wasn’t employed at a full-time job. So, I knew I would need to give some thought to how I would manage all the “freedom.” I’m happy to say, I’m managing just fine! I love being retired!

  4. Of course it’s normal! We are women and women are always active so just the idea of not having work obligations is worrying! But I agree in saying find something you like doing because you’ll have the time to do it! I’ve got another 2 years of work but I started to slow down last year so I’m taking a gradual approach.

    1. I retired at 62 1/2. My home and everything was paid for. I am more busy now than I was before, but am enjoying the arts and crafts, and not having to go out in the winter if I don’t want to. I kind of regret the money, but it has forced me to a simpler life, and figure out what is really important.
      Just turned 65 and I have less stress than I did while working.

  5. Good for you. Don’t worry you will not get bored. I retired at 45 and did all the things I couldn’t afford before and freedom from kids etc. Then at 57, I met the love of my life we had to wait a few years until he could retire. He says he has never been bored. Our advise is do not buy a motorhome. Atleast not an expensive one. That was our one big mistake. And if you go to Arizona or some snowbird place… before you buy. My husband is a handyman and we fixed up four diffrent places. He got bored without a project….now we are home no more snowbirding for usbecause of health reasons….but we sure have had fun these past 20 years.
    Good luck and go for the things you have always wanted to do.

    1. I’m retiring on the 9th of September. So excited! We were thinking of buying a motorhome, why would it not be a good idea? I’d rather learn from other people’s experience than make expensive, avoidable mistakes.

      1. Not sure why she said dont buy a motor home, we bought one when we retired, sold our home and traveled the entire country and lived in it for 4 years. Amazing experiences, PRICELESS!!

  6. I’ll be retired five years end of August. I was 61 1/2 when I was laid off (my choice vs travel and going to India for work) and have never regretted it. Never did I exoect to spend the next five years helping to raise my adorable two grandsons three to four days a week. I love it!!!
    Yah, there are some days that boys will be boys, all in all it is the sweetest time in my life.
    Hubby retired three weeks ago and is the happiest man.

    No regrets, life can be cut short at any time. So, enjoy, find a hobby, travel, dance, walk, be sure to take care of you!

  7. Life is too short. Take the leap and enjoy the ride. You have done your share of making a difference in the community in general by working. Now it’s your turn to really make a difference in your life. Grab the opportunity while you can. Tomorrow may not be the same. Worse, it may not be there. Best of Luck!

  8. The worrying is normal, because you are giving up what you knew and were comfortable doing. I too retired at 64 and (despite loving my career), I really don’t miss or the identity I had carved out for myself. In fact, life has never been better than it is right now. Embrace change! Have fun! The last stage can be your best ever!

  9. I just turned 70 in June ….retired in California at 55 years and moved to Idaho….been here 15 years and am so glad I have had the opportunities that living in a small rural area provides…

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