Concerned What He Will Say or Do

“I’m in a situation and need input. My daughter and I moved to where her college is located and quickly met new neighbors. They are husband and wife…

We started hanging out a lot – dinner, boating, etc. Very regularly. Unfortunately, he made advances that I rejected vehemently! Most recently he’s made creepy comments and behaved uncomfortably around my daughter!

We had to leave town for a family emergency and came back recently. Wife keeps texting me to go do something – they live a few miles away now – and I have no desire to continue the relationship because of him.

He’s a jerk – antagonistic, egocentric, etc.! He can be quite vengeful so I don’t feel I can just be honest. I’m concerned what he’ll say or do. I’ve tried being distant but she doesn’t seem to be getting the hint. Any ideas?”

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