Constant Criticism

“I have been with a man for 20 years. I raised a son while we were together who is now 26. During the time I was raising him my partner questioned my parenting decisions often telling me that I was making wrong ones…

I told him and asked him to please stop questioning my decisions and instead of honoring my requests he would proceed to tell me again that I was being a “bad” mother. It really did a number on me, the constant put downs about my parenting. I started questioning my decisions as a mom. If I went against my partner’s ideas about parenting I would be told about it over and over again.

It wasn’t just about my parenting that he criticized. He criticized the other roles I played in my life, sister, friend, aunt, my career, housekeeping skills. I had many conversations about the criticism telling him what it was doing to me and he did not stop. He still brings up my parenting skills even though my son is now 26 and doing great.

We have a good relationship and we both love each other. Why would he keep criticizing me and what should I do about his constant criticism? How do I get him to stop? I don’t want to live with such negativity in my life.” -Anonymous

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