Aussie Chicken Broth asks Prolapse Surgery

Hi ladies… none of my friends admit to or speak of prolapse problems…I have a rather large “bulge” down there and my doctor says I should have surgery. I have read about women who have had more problems because of the surgery… sooooo… your thoughts?… experience?… ps. I’m 60 and love that I can ask a question without feeling vulnerable…

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  1. I had same problem. I elected to have the surgery at 60; hysterectomy and push bladder back into place. I did only walking for exercise for six months post op. I am very happy with the results. No more back ache. I had to wear a light pad to catch urine leak for couple months.

  2. I had a hysterectomy due to prolapse and my bladder put into a “sling” to keep it in place. I got a bladder infection from the catheter and hemorrhoids from ulcerative colitis right after the surgery but was back at work within six weeks. For about six months I had to to get up at night to pee several times unless I took three ibuprofen. But that stopped after six months. that was in 2011. I’m glad I had the surgery. My mom, her mom, and both of her sisters had prolapse.

  3. After having had 4 children (2 large ones!), I needed repair work done but put it off until my mid sixties by which time I had developed a prolapse. People who had had this operation, implied it was a routine procedure. I was nervous but went ahead and had it done together with a hysterectomy. Unfortunately I had quite a few complications and it took me 3-4 months to regain my strength (I was too weak to return to work). Two years after the operation, the prolapse returned. I am not going to have it repaired surgically again!! I am investigating having a rubber cap inserted instead (much like a Dutch cap contraceptive device). I am probably not typical so please get other people’s opinions and read all you can about the procedure and ask your doctor a lot of questions. Good luck!

  4. Hi. A friend of mine had that procedure done two years ago – I think she was just a little then you are now. She was hesitant, but she is so happy she had the procedure done.

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