Julie C asks Trusting your Spouse

How do you trust your spouse when they have lied to you over one issue for a couple of years? Spouse finally comes clean, only because you wouldn’t let up – which is all good. But the trust you once had is no longer there. How does a marriage continue without trust?

If you overcame trusting your spouse again, how did you do it?

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  1. The thought came to me that people change over decades of marriage. Sometimes the chemistry that was there once, evaporates. Women view marriage as a sacred trust. Monogamy, being married to one person is just a given. Many women may be attracted to other men but don’t act on it. It’s more a fantasy whereas some men get seduced into thinking ‘this can’t hurt’ but it does, obviously. My question to Julie C is: What do you want to do about it? If you spend your time obsessing about it, that’s not healthy either. It’s all up to you! Forgive and forget or not. Only you can make that choice. He made his.

  2. Trust is hard to rebuild especially when someone has lowd repeatedly about the same thing for years and then only comes clean because of pressure.

    That is a person with little remorse and it makes you question how many more lies have they been.

    If you desire to continue in your marriage, he has to work at showing you he is trustworthy and that is the toughest part because, well you just dont trust him anymore.

    People have gotten through trust issues and you can to if you desire to do so.

  3. I actually was going to post a similar question! How do you go about regaining trust when you never get the truth about what caused you to not trust him anymore? I have taken to stalking everything he does (phone, internet and if I could access his work email I would do that to)! I have found nothing, not because he is deleting it but because there is nothing. I believe he started a relationship with a coworker, What I don’t understand is why when I confronted him about what I had suspected he blamed it on having a mid life crisis, he keeps telling me that it was nothing and nothing happened and I am making it more than what it really was. He says everyone has moved on, the door is closed and I need to move on as well. He said he loves me and will never leave me. The question still remains, then why can’t you share what was said or why you felt the need to make time for another woman?

  4. The hard question to ask yourself…how has he been from then to now? If you have lived with this “knowledge” for years , you need to forget about it. More on with forgiveness .

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