Domestic Abuse

Denise writes, “Four years ago my 24-year-old granddaughter was kidnapped and murdered by an ex-boyfriend…

Vanessa had gotten a full scholarship to go to nursing school in Nebraska, US. She was driving out from Alaska in August. She had two children. The youngest is Lily and he was the father. She told him earlier in the morning that they were leaving. This was February 22, 2017.

When she was leaving to go to lunch he kidnapped her and took her to his apartment. She was on her knees when he shot her once in the neck and twice in the chest. Then he stayed with her body an hour and a half before he killed himself. Vanessa never told any of us that he had abused her in the past.

There is a private Facebook group called Loss Due to a Violent Act if anyone is going through the same thing. I wanted to share this for anyone going through domestic violence and not telling anyone.”

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