Don’t Love Him Anymore

“In 2005 I divorced my first husband due domestic violence, verbal abuse, lack of respect unable to provide financially. On top of all that he was a womanizer and started selling drugs. I was raised in a conservative home and I put up with it all because of my daughter…

But, I was afraid for my daughter’s life and my own. So, I went ahead and filed for divorce in exchange of my “freedom” and the custody of my child – he requested the truck we had bought together. So, I went ahead with his petition. He moved out of house with his “truck.”

Years later I found out he was in jail for dealing drugs. He spent four years there. As for me, I enrolled in college. Finished my accounting degree and kept providing for my daughter. Seven years later my daughter was 21 at that time met a wonderful Christian man. I will say I touched Heaven with him. Unfortunately, he passed in the 2019 after a long battle of kidney failure.

Now, my ex came to visit us for Thanksgiving. I took it that since I was alone he was asking for a second chance. But my heart still belongs to the man that truly loves me. As for my ex I only feel resentment.

He claims to be very sick and he is using that for my daughter to feel sorry for him. My daughter is calling me an evil person because I am not giving him a second chance. How should I tell her that I don’t love him anymore?” -Anonymous

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