Granny’s Quarters

“I am and have been widowed since 1992. Built a “granny’s quarters” on my oldest son’s house. All was great until 2010 when I became sick. Now it is hell…

My daughter-in-law hates me living in her home. My money financed the construction. Would never have invested in their home had I know when I was older, sick and no longer useful.

I am shunned, ignored and my son has started ignoring me only visits for short time – 10 minutes maybe. He used to come down for an hour or more. He yells at me. Treats me like I am stupid. I am not well. 81 years old. Not long to live. Not going to move. I just need to develop an attitude that their actions no longer matter. Hard to do. Any ideas????” -Anonymous

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  1. Is the house/granny flat in your name? I feel for you because when your old they become impatient and have no time for you forgetting that you put money into their home. As one lady said, “get a home care person to help you . It is always lovely to have someone who genuinely cares. Happy New Year.🥳🥰

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