Have I Failed Them

“I have two sons, 40ish, gainfully employed, but who binge-drink every weekend. Their father came from a family of male drinkers who wouldn’t stop until the beer was gone…

Their dad was emotionally abusive to us and we divorced. He has never been an interested, loving parent to them, choosing, instead to build a fortune. Luckily, neither son has kids.

Here is my problem: every night I awaken to thoughts of future medical issues, even death, for them due to the alcohol abuse. I’m terrified in advance for them and personally I feel like I’ve failed them. At a time in my life when I’d like to be peaceful and happy in retirement, I torment myself with fears, hoping I die long before them so I don’t have to grieve their demise. The three of us have a good rapport, but they brush me off when I point out how destructive their behavior is. I am mired in regrets about my life. Any feedback would be appreciated.” -Anonymous

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