He Bought Me a Street Hockey Stick

Margaret writes, “Here’s my dilemma. I am 67 and my boyfriend is 57. He is active in sports, hockey, golf, bicycling and skateboarding to name a few. I am fit but never have been athletic…

We’ve had a good relationship for the past five years. He is a minimalist and my life is more complex with a more responsible job that occupies more time. We are compatible in many ways and loving is great. He is attentive and loyal. My only wish is that we would enjoy more activities together.

I took golf lessons and really enjoyed it. But, there must be a limit to how far I want to stretch into his territory without him entering my preferred activities. Today, he brought by a street hockey stick (I’m not kidding. This is hilarious) that he bought from Pure Hockey just for me!. LOL He wasn’t kidding. He thought I would enjoy getting exercise by shooting pucks to him on pavement to improve his ice hockey game!!! Any ideas on how to respond ladies?”

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