How Do I Change my Life

“My problem is a common one, and I’m sure others can relate. I’m one of those women that wrapped their whole life around her husband and kids. I never established a life outside my family. Big mistake…

My husband and I divorced when our kids were older. I did go back to school, got a job and became a functioning member of society; however, I still had that same problem. I am wrapped around my family! Lol.

My kids and grandkids are my best friends, my emotional support and security. My son-in-law asked recently when I was moving in? I laughed and said “in about five years”. I get it.

It is time to branch out and have a life outside of work and my kids. I just can’t figure out how to do that. Dating isn’t my thing, so I do things by myself. I need to change, I just don’t know how. This pandemic makes life more lonesome for me also. Any suggestions?” – Anonymous

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  1. Yes, it’s difficult. No, it’s not impossible. When someone asks you to do something … say yes! Just do it! Shopping, going for coffee, running an errand. To make a friend you must be a friend. When you are going out, ask someone to accompany you. They may say no, so ask again at another time. Don’t be easily offended. If you bake a cake, give away a couple of slices. Show people you aren’t “after” anything; just being friendly.

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