How Much Should I Give my Kids

“I’ve accomplished a lot with my children. We raised good compassionate kids with a strong work ethic and hardcore integrity. I did not adjust to an empty nest. I failed in a big way…

In my failure to adapt, I divorced their dad. Actually, I just tried to separate for a bit to find myself again and get back with my husband, a move that I regret.

My lovely daughter who adores her dad came “loaded for bear” (on the attack, really mad) at me and ruined that attempt. She still likes to poke this “bear.” And I admit I’ve reacted. I’ve hurt her. But I’m in a new place and I cant seem to gather them back.

My middle son tries to be the peace-keeper but that shouldn’t be on him.

My youngest… meh… he doesn’t talk. Just answers a question. I suppose I should be grateful for that.

I miss all of them so much. I dont know how to put this new stuff together and have my kids. They do not like my fiance’. They would rather I’d be alone. I don’t do alone well – when do I live for myself with a partner? I’ve been threatened with not seeing grandchildren if I keep my fiance’. My question in all of this back story is how much should I give the kids that I have lived for and adore?” -Anonymous


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