How to Cope with Suicidal Mother

“My mother is very depressed, so badly she doesn’t want to live anymore. She is almost 86…

Health wise she had it difficult. Bad diabetes management and not looking after herself forced her hand in having to go into a nursing home. Several times, prior and during her stay there she made several attempts at suicide.

Then Covid came along and with severe lockdown and no visitation possible. This happened six weeks after she moved into the home.

This January she had Covid, Shingles and kidney trouble. She was hospitalised to sort out the kidneys and her diabetes. Two weeks after being back she broke her hip. So back to the hospital for an operation.

Now she is crying and very depressed, saying she doesn’t want to live anymore. Refuses to eat, drink, and any medication and tests. How can I help her through this? Is there someone with some words of wisdom? I find this very hard to cope with… Especially as there’s still no visits allowed in the hospital unless the doctors ask me to come.” -Anonymous


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