Nanalily asks Empty Nest Refilled

“I was widowed almost six years ago after a wonderful 39 year marriage.

While life was tough at first, I have flourished in my own way… downsized to a smaller home, settled in to be retired and alone. But there is still loneliness at times.

This past winter, my son moved in to shelter while navigating an ugly divorce. He is still here.
My daughter and her nine year old son are moving in for a couple of months until she joins her significant other in a new home.
My cute little cottage is feeling too full. The solitude I have come to cherish is fading fast.

I would never turn my children away, but I am feeling stressed and am afraid to enjoy the company in my home for fear of the loneliness that will come back in full force when they leave. How do I navigate this time?” -Anonymous

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