Love Me by Kala Cota

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I’m a retired preschool teacher and child care provider, 30 years! Mother of 2 grown children and grandmother to 3 beautiful girls and a set of twins on the way!

I was reading an article about how much time we should spend with our children and the importance of making eye contact and having face to face conversations. It inspired these words that I wanted to share from one mom to another, from a grandma to a daughter. From a parent to a parent. Live in the moment and love every minute. Time is precious and so are they.

Love Me

Look at me, look into my eyes
I need you, no surprise
You’re my first connection to this world
When I arrived whether boy or girl

Play with me, hear me talk
Hold my hand while we walk
Let’s be silly, giggle, and grin
Don’t you know you’re my best friend?

Tuck me in, touch my face
You’re my connection to the human race
You’re my people, you brought me here
All I want is to have you near

Listen to me, look into my eyes
I’m your little gal or guy
I need you from dawn to dusk
You’re the one in whom I trust

I’ll be grown, before you know it
Enjoy me now, please don’t blow it
Don’t look back and have regrets
Let’s make these our best years yet!

You may think it doesn’t matter
If you listen or not to my chatter
It means so very much to me
You’re my world, don’t you see?

Written by: Kala Cota

If you read it again from bottom to top
You’ll see a parent’s love never stops!

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3 thoughts on “Love Me by Kala Cota”

  1. This is very beautiful. My grandson is 15 and he recently asked if I knew when he sat on my lap the last time that it would be the last time because he had gotten too big. I never want to lose that closeness to him so I NEVER miss an opportunity to hug and kiss on him. They grow up way too fast and so many things that I look back on ended without me even noticing because he outgrew them. I so wish kids came with warning labels. “Enjoy this feeling right now because I will have outgrown the need for this in another minute!”

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