Missing Kids

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) Julia asks, “Anyone else miss when your kids were home?…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

Julia asks, “Anyone else miss when your kids were home?

Mine are in their 30’s and extremely busy and I get that but I miss them. My husband and I have a wonderful life, but I know I need to focus more on my life and not be thinking of kids and grandkids so much.

Just asking how some other moms handle it.”


  1. Definitely and quite often, been a rough day today actually. One lives 12 hours away and the other in another country. One day at a time and some days are better than others. Good luck.

  2. I miss them when they go to school, and even when they are in their rooms. I go to them every few hours to see them.

  3. It’s been five years since our youngest left home. I was a stay at home/home school mom and I am just now adjusting to not having kids in my house. Thirty three years of kids. I love it EVERY time they visit, and the grands to, of course. I miss them as soon as they leave and can’t wait until they come back or we go visit them. I am learning to enjoy the peace and quiet but it really has taken five years for me to stop mourning them being gone.

  4. I homeschooled both of my kids and we have always been close. If it weren’t for texting, Skype and FaceTime, I would be a certified mess and very depressed. My daughter is 25 and lives 2 states away, but we communicate several times daily, usually with a phone call, as well. My son and his wife and our first grandchild live under 2 hours away. I communicate with my lovely DIL every day and see them 2-3 times a month during the summer and twice a week during the school year when I help with babysitting. I am blessed, as my family is my priority.
    I do still miss them, but realize I have launched successful adults who have created their own lives. I am fortunate that it includes me.

  5. My son is very reserved and private and now he is out of the home it is very sad as he rarely communicates without prompting. Breaks my heart he is living his life without us.

  6. Mine are local but between work, working on Masters Degree and everything in their lives, I am lucky to see them twice a month. I have been trying to deal with my life at this stage and figure out what I really want to do at this stage. The things that interest me have changed over the years. I admit I feel a little lost.

  7. I have been so down the last bit also. Our Granddaughter starts JK tomorrow and our Grandson will start school next year. I have no idea what I will do when they are both at school. I have felt lost since our son got married and I am home by myself day after day. I don’t know how to have a life on my own.

  8. I have a busy life of my own but that doesn’t change how much I miss them. We are missing entire chapters of our grandchildren’s lives, too. I wish there was a “fix” for this. As it is, I pray a lot — and eat a lot of chocolate!

    1. Yes I miss them. I am nearer to them now, so see them more frequently. Daughters side mor than sons. Sons are usually working and on the weekends it’s the yard and house up keep. And their wives are more involved in their family.
      So it goes. Yes, I miss them.

  9. I’m glad to hear that someone else misses their kid being home. It’s just never the same after they leave. I take care of my grandkids, but i miss my kid . The conversations, the joking. After they get married and have a life of their own, it’s just not the same.

  10. Ofcause things are not the same when kids move out they are not meant to be the same! We have hobbies friends, they have families friends jobs & their hobbies. And 2 sets of parents the share with. We just feel lucky when they catch up, & they do, no guilt no pressure that’s really important. You move on with your life & they these. Let them grow up, they are not children anymore.

  11. My Husband and I love the Beach so we moved after our Grandkids were raised.. Our daughter and her husband are also very busy with their business. It was a hard decision to move in many ways.
    We live 3 hrs away so now they come to see us and enjoy the Beach at the same time.. We communicate on Zoom and that really helps so much.

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