Need to Feel Better

Anonymous writes, “I have been with my husband for 28 years but there have been no random hugs ever. Hugs only with sex…

I feel like I am living each day waiting to die. He makes me doubt myself all the time. I am 70 years old and I am tired. All I want from life is a hug and someone to hold my hand. Some days we hardly speak as I am usually told that whatever I’ve commented on is wrong. We are isolated as we live an hour from town.

I lack the courage to leave. My self-worth is non-existent. What would you do?”


  1. Sometimes it is not easy to just leave for many reasons. Everyone doesn’t have friends or family to help them or to move with and it costs money to just leave. If it is really important for you to be hugged, get a pet and once the pandemic is over, find groups to become involved with. No matter how messed up things are in your life, never just sit waiting to die.

  2. I lived this life for 36 years before leaving. Leaving was scary, but so worth it. I had to discover “me”. I had a few really good friends who loved and cared for me and were a source of strength and support. My advice is take one thing at a time or you will become overwhelmed. I also found a wonderful counselor and found my worth and value in God.

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