Neglectful Spouse

“My husband and I are 51 and 55. We split four years ago, and live in separate places but not yet formally divorced. We were married for 24 years with three kids. He is one of the finest people you may encounter, and a good dad too. However, through all the years of our marriage, he has been a cold shoulder for me…

Distant, aloof, and a workaholic. No intimacy or closeness, no real communication. Never been there for me when I needed him. Silent most of the time, even in bed not a word or even close to satisfaction. Never even snuggling once in a lifetime.

Tried my best to make this relationship work and live happily together, but I was all on my own. He rarely responded saying he’s what he is and I have to take him as he is…

He’s been trying to get back for a while. Without any tangible change, yet I find myself totally disconnected and rejecting his attempts. Now he’s feeling weak, needs care and support, all I feel for him is pity.

I don’t love him anymore. When I cry or feel lonely he’s not the person who I think of or need. Am I really cruel and stubborn as he says?!” -Anonymous

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