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“What is it about grown men with grown daughters? My partner of nine committed years has continually discouraged any communication or time shared by me with his daughters…

They are between mid 30’s and mid 40’s. Each with children. He would not let me say hello and merry Christmas during holiday phone calls.

Once his daughter came to stay for a long weekend in our home. I had no idea I would be shunned at every outing. Disinclined in dinners, brunches, going out for mimosas, a fabulous concert, and multiple hikes. It was very strange. Had I known I would gladly have planned time with parents, girlfriends or simply alone.

Once he drove three hours to have breakfast with another daughter and I was informed by my partner I could take a walk but was not welcome in the restaurant. Any explanations? My partner gladly has welcomed warm relationships with my family and friends. I am always inclusive. What gives?” -Anonymous

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  1. Oh NO No No! As his wife he would treat me as such and with some respect to my feelings here or his behind would be back over there with his daughters. No time for such disrespect!
    You deserve better than this from them ALL!

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