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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) Jody asks, “I have a problem my doctor cannot solve.…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

Jody asks, “I have a problem my doctor cannot solve.

Does anyone else have TERRIBLE hot flashes but were told that you were too old to take estrogen?

What is the solution? The hot flashes are affecting the quality of life.

Thanks, girls, I need your expertise.”

  1. Well….. a naturopath gave me a good list of foods that create extra heat in the body and I can’t say it helped much. I no longer take estrogen but I still have occasional hot flashes. Acupuncture worked very well when my practitioner targeted my endocrine system. It gave me the best relief.

  2. I take venlafaxine/Effexor and have for years! Controls hot flashes very well! Hubby calls it “don’t kill my hubby pill”. Feel soooo much better on it!

  3. I will have to take estrogen for the rest of my life…can’t understand why you can’t take it…I am 68….takes care of any menopausal issues…never heard of too old to take estrogen…wow..

    1. I cannot take anything for menopause because of my heart. Estrogen can cause heart isdues, heart attack and cancer. This is why your doctor is saying no, not because he is male. It’s because it’s medically contraindicated. I know women I have talked to take Estrogen and found success but it’s OTC and you don’t know how it will affect you so you need to ask them. The only other thing they offer is Zoloft, which is an antidepressant. Zoloft can work but I won’t take it, it causes other issues and it can be pure hell to get off of. I’m really sorry.

      1. I was prescribed ( by OBGYN) plant hormones that were made custom for me through a compounding pharmacy. Through trial and error got a troque ( tablet that dissolved under my tounge) Made a huge difference. I was soaking bath towels at night. Now at 63 I don’t take anything, rarlet have hot flashes

  4. I am guessing your doctor is a man, and has no true idea of the treatment. I agree, find another dr. You are not intended to live in misery, so don’t accept that opinion.I would probably still be on estrogen if it hadn’t affected my breast tissue, and I am 73. Good luck, I hope you have relief soon!

    1. I didn’t take estrogen but what I did do was put a piece of ice in the palms of my hands and it helped right away and at night in bed I would reach up and grab the cool metal headboard with my hand and that helped.

  5. My sister took estrogen, can’t recall the brand. It grew a nine pound benign cyst in her abdomen. She had surgery to have it removed.

    I was seriously blessed. Didn’t menstrate until I was nearly 19. Started perimenopause at 39 and was finished with menopause at 43. I have always run hot, body wise.
    I used herbal supplements to get me through, never a scrip drug for this girl. Valerian root saved me during pms and menopause. Use it occasionally when I can’t fall asleep.

  6. I am just starting this journey, and can’t take estrogen, because I am a BRCA 2 gene carrier. I am going to a Chinese acupuncturist and it really is making a huge difference. Blessings on this crazy journey!

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