One Third of the Will

“Okay, here’s a question for you all.
My sister (for a thousand reasons), started playing up at 14 years old. The beginning of a life of drugs and particularly alcohol. Now she’s 57 and has a severe acquired brain injury (tested and documented) IQ 68…

She’s aggressive, (early onset dementia?), texts, abusive phone calls; she understands nothing but thinks she does. She finds idiots’ friends’ and blokes who create havoc and leave us with the mess.

We constantly bail her out of crises. Mum and I are tired of it. My brother abandoned the family 15 years ago because of sister saying he couldn’t cope with it all.

The question is: does mum (80 years) just leave sister her third of the Will? Does she leave someone in charge? Who? Lawyers don’t do it; State Trustee seem incompetent and unable to deal with her complex needs. What’s the moral thing to do? What to do?

She won’t cooperate ever with anyone. Should be institutionalised but there’s no room, no place to go. Does she get it in a paper bag and we say “piss off, 40 years is enough?” -Anonymous

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