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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) If you are not a believer of God you may…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

If you are not a believer of God you may want to skip this read.

Have you ever had a moment when you KNEW it was God winking at you? I have had many over my 54 years and wanted to share just three of them with you and I am hoping you will do the same with all of us.

When I was 27 I got a phone call while at work from a co-worker’s wife. We chatted for maybe 10 minutes and then she said something to me and I knew immediately that it was a tap on my shoulder from God. I had been praying about forgiving my ex-husband’s affair for two years. This was the first answered prayer that I could remember.

By the time I was 31, I had two children. My oldest was nearly five at the time he banged his head in the bathroom and had a seizure.  We found him on the floor, turning blue, eyes rolling to the back of his head. I was scared to death. My ex-husband kept saying, “what should we do, what should we do?” He ran outside to try and get a neighbor to help us (this was before cell phones) when a very clear male voice whispered in my ear, “call 9-1-1.” The only people in the house were me and my two children – I knew it was God.

The last story I wanted to share was when I was 50. My life was not in a good place (menopause) and I remember asking God to help me. I pleaded with Him. I knew I had to change one aspect of who I was, and I knew it would be difficult. Within maybe 30 seconds of praying, I was tested. I would either continue what I had done for so long or I would stop. I knew it was God saying, “yeah, you sure?” and chuckled. To this very day and from that first test (there have been more) I have remained stedfast.

Do you have a similar stories to share? I would love to hear from you.

      1. So many times God has shown us He was right there with us, but the ones I love are the ones He shows His sense of humor. My husband was having severe chest pains, and said to God, “not now, please…Reenie will be mad.” He heard back, “Tell me, John, what would be a good time”? Then the pains stopped.

  1. Recently my friend had a conversation with his boss about integrity. His boss said he thinks integrity is what you do when nobody is watching. My friend disagreed. He explained that his belief is that God is ALWAYS watching.

    1. Followed the wink meaning, you understood it was from God – but did you wonder about other winks or did you think, “maybe this was God, maybe I should pay attention more” etc???

  2. I totally believe in the wink! God has absolutely winked at me and my husband MANY times. We lost our daughter in a car accident 10 yrs ago and we have recieved many winks reminding us that she is fine and her life was meaningful and her story still touches lives and heals others that are hurting because of loss.

  3. We used to attend church with my sister in law. She sat next to me and because she smoked a cigarette right before she came into church, she always smelled like cigarette smoke. This Sunday I didn’t see how I was going to be able to sit next to her. I didn’t feel good and the thought of smelling smoke all during the service, made me want to leave. She came in after the service started and I smelled smoke, but then all I could smell was roses. There were no roses in the flowers the arrangement up front and none of the other people sitting around me had on rose smelling perfume. I know that was God.

  4. Several years ago I had a life altering experience. I was in a very bad place both mentally and physically.I was in my room crying my heart out and praying for it all to end. I just couldnt go on another day. Well,my room lit up like a Christmas tree…it felt so peaceful….and this feeling washed over me,I cant describe it,but know it was God. My thoughts turned to more positive things and told myself crying wont fix it and get up and try again…..and I did, The road has not been easy at times,second by second at times. But I did it. My take away was if you live in the past,you will never see your future and all that it holds.

  5. My sister and i lost our brother quite suddenly of a heart attack st 69. The day of the church service we were waiting outside the church for the hearse to arrive, when she looked up at the sky and said “look that cloud is in the shape of an angel”. God sent us a message that our brother was in a good place.

    1. I lost one of my brothers in August. The day of jis funeral, it was a hot day, 102 in Texas. At one moment, there was a cool breeze that blew over us, I like to believe that was God telling us our brother was fine.

  6. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went for a walk every day through the field to the forest and then down a slight hill on a path I had made to the water. One night I dreamed that I wore a gold ring on my wedding ring finger and it was of a lovely cherub with the soft little face and the little curls and the wings wrapped around my finger. The next morning I tried to draw what it looked like but I just couldn’t capture the softness of the face. I took off on my walk and when I got to the forest I just ambled in like I was sleep walking, and stopped. I wasn’t on the path. I looked down and saw some white in the leaves so I reached for it. It was a small white porcelain head exactly like the one I dreamed of. There were no buildings around, just forest.

  7. I lost my son Brett Stephen when he was 6 months and 23 days old. I remember praying begging pleading bargaining with God to save him. Brett didn’t make it. About 2 yrs later or so (hard to know when. Time stopped for so long) I was walking from my living room to kitchen. I suddenly stopped. Never did that before. I said Oh My God. You did answer my prayer even thought it wasn’t the one I wanted. I remember hearing a nurse saying to doctor that Brett stopped breathing 3 times. In the chapel as I am crying and going through all the emotions above I remembered what I overheard the nurse say. I told God “Since he stopped breathing and if Brett can’t be the same happy healthy boy than take him. My son nor I would be happy if he had any brain damage” I guess God knew something I didn’t. Did it make it easier. No. Losing a child is never easy. And it is a forever process. I love you my darling. And I love you my God🙏✝️❤️😢

  8. There have been so many times that God has been there for me that there isn’t space enough on this page to list all of them!
    One that I will relate here is when I was driving home at night on a very foggy road when my car stalled at a set of lights. Battery had died. There I sat, hoping and praying that a driver wouldn’t come up behind me,not see me, and crash into me.
    Within a minute or so, a stranger came out of nowhere and helped push my car off the road to safety. I immediately got out of my car to thank him but he was gone! Yes, it was foggy but not so I wouldn’t have seen him walking on the road in either direction…doubt that he ran away after moving my car to safety.
    I believe that angels walk among us unnoticed.

    1. I have, one more than one occasion, felt God’s presence and had an answer to my prayer. We live in a relatively rural area…on a mountain road. One snowy, icy night, my husband and I were on our way home, and our car started to slide, directly into a grove of trees. I said to my husband, ” Here we go.” He repeated that phrase to me. It seemed like we were sliding for a long time…although, I am sure if was only a few seconds. I prayed to God, ” Please help us.” At that second, our car stopped sliding, and, my husband was able to steer if back onto the dirt road. At that very second, I felt His presence, and a sense of being so loved. There is, logically, no reason for us not hitting a tree and, possibly, not being severely injured (or worse.) But, God was definately in control.

  9. Many years ago I was talking to my sister about youth group that I lead. She said her daughter liked to watch her favorite TV show during that time I ask her which would be the best for her and my sister made fun of me and laughed. Said I was being ridiculous. I was very upset and went outside to talk to God and walk. As I was praying I ask God if I handled it wrong. An audible voice behind me said “you did well my child”. I literally whirled around to see who spoke! It was somewhat scary but so humbling. More than a God wink!

  10. I had blown a 4cm hole thru my lung .as I laid in emergency room scared and unable to breathe. I ask god to please tell my mama and gma to help me . They are both in heaven . In a matter of seconds felt calm and no longer frightened . He has blessed and helped me more times than I can count .

  11. A few years ago I had a very hurtful situation happen. It rocked me to my core. I was very depressed and considering taking my life. I was laying on my bed rocking and bawling like never before. I just didn’t know how I could go on and I felt so unloved. I was crying out to God to show me I was loved, that I was worthy to live. Within moments there was a peace that I cannot explain. In those next few minutes I felt the arms of God holding me, physically holding me and I knew He was telly me He loved me and that I was worthy.

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