Pill Popping Husband

“Briefly… I’m 68. Second marriage for both of us. Married now 31 years. Husband owned medical company. Educated, played college sports. Had many knee, back, and hip surgeries since age 50. Addicted to pain pills and drinks straight liquor concurrently…

Almost died of an overdose seven years ago; I found him on the floor in the morning. In ICU for six weeks, rehab for six months. Tapered off with help. In rehabs five times. Various private expensive therapists and psychiatrists.

Now sold big house, lost company, poor management… he didn’t watch employees or money. He’s been taking pills ever since. Had car accidents, buys some pills overseas very costly… I find packing or pills in pockets on the floor. Denies credit card bills. I don’t see but I know a shipment is $500 for 500 pills.

He’s begged me not to divorce him. His family can’t help anymore. I do my own thing. I travel with sisters, go on local haunts, etc. I’m not happy. I could return to work after Covid, part-time. I collect a small pension and Social Security.

He lost medical company but freelances in phones sometimes as a broker. Mostly sits and watches TV. I want to divorce. I want to live alone. I’m not happy he won’t change, he doesn’t even try to taper off. I feel guilty if I leave him I feel like I’m abandoning him at this age but I’m getting older and tired of seeing couples, friends, etc. doing healthy things and outings.

I love travel and simply getting out to walk each day I feel guilty that he’ll really decline if I’m not living under the same roof. I’ve talked to sisters and friends, just want to see if others have this issue after retirement. None of my friends or family have had to deal with addiction. Have any of you?“ -Anonymous

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