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  • Strength,serenity,Peace,Love and happiness
    I met a woman late last night.She told me she had 9 deaths in 108 days...One being her husband..who went scuba diving..never to return from the sea..her brother\', father, grandmother, etc...Please Dear God send this woman everything she needs to find love, life, and happiness in the end. BRING HER SUNSHINE WHEN SHE SEES CLOUDS AND A HAPPY ENDING AND STRENGTH TO GET HER THROUGH THE TOUGH DAYS❤AND True Friends who care and walk in when her world Is dark to bring her light.Amen❤
  • Family
    I would like to ask prayers for my mother's health that is not good right now. She left hospital recently, but still with done health issues. Please pray for her. Her name is Erna Ruiz. Also, prayers for my father, his health, wellbeing and protection. My parents are senior citizens. Many thanks.
  • Relief from worry
    My 27yo son called me last night to tell me his vehicle had been confiscated by police and he is being investigated for drug related charges. He claims he is innocent. He's never been in trouble before, is a college grad and is working full time. I don't know what to believe and am so sick with worry. Please pray for my family.
  • Healthy weight
    Not sure if this applies. I need to loose weight for health reasons. Around 15 pounds. Thank you.
  • New Home
    I dont know if this is proper but my boyfriend and I need prayers sent. We are overcome with stress,emotional pain over the condition of our home. All we need is for his bro in law to soften his heart and sign off on the probate so we can sell and move. Our health is suffering as well.
    He will be getting money to do this from the estate but he is angry and unmovable.
    Please pray for him to sign off.
    Please pray that I figure out how to accept what plans God has for me. Its been difficult since my husband died and I lost his VA and Social Security pensions. My credit is so bad that i cant find a place to rent. I really don't know what to do.
    Thank you.
  • My husband
    I need prayers for my husband salvation and for him to not cheat on me.
  • 3 Requests for Prayer
    Hello all. Thank you for reading this. I request healing for my family. dh has terminal cancer and is being admitted as we "speak." Second, my niece, 36, may well be in an abusive marriage... my daughter witnessed a possible assault... and this reminded me of some red flags I felt during their courtship...
    Third, a friend has been falsely accused of terrible behavior and may loose his job. I pray that the truth will be found quickly and harm is avoided. Thank you.
  • Brother's Operation
    Please pray for my brother Peter who is having an operation on his back this coming Thursday.
    Thank You
  • Gifts
    Praying for financial breakthrough and may the Precious gifts that God has given not go astray
    1. Janie F.

      I am praying that God will provide whatever you need. He has been faithful to my husband and I through the years, meeting all of our needs. I pray the same for you.