Prayer Request



Prayer List

  • Brother's Operation
    Please pray for my brother Peter who is having an operation on his back this coming Thursday.
    Thank You
  • Gifts
    Praying for financial breakthrough and may the Precious gifts that God has given not go astray
    1. Janie F.

      I am praying that God will provide whatever you need. He has been faithful to my husband and I through the years, meeting all of our needs. I pray the same for you.

  • Son in Law Needs a Miracle
    My son-in-law suffers from depression and anxiety to the point that he has been unable to work for over a year now. Thus, my daughter is carrying the financial burden of the family plus all the care for her husband and two young sons. Please pray that this depression would lift from him and also that they would reach some level of financial security. I believe in miracles!
  • Please send prayers for a good friend
    I’m asking for your prayers and love to send to a friend of mine. I have known him for forty years and he has always been a sweet guy who has a speech impediment and was very shy and did not have any woman friends. He worked hard and had his own place. Now he has lost everything to a woman who knew how to
    make him special but took all his money, investments. He has lost his job and turned to drugs and booze and now is homeless. Maybe he will feel our love and prayers enough to help turn himself around. Thank you so much for any prayers you can send. His name is Brian.
  • Estranged Son
    We haven’t seen our son in a year and he has a one-year-old that we’ve only seen three times maybe. I have been praying and praying so hard that I get to see my son for Christmas with my grandchild and even his girlfriend. I feel like I have failed my son because our family is not strong enough to withstand this. I have tried so many ways to apologize for things that I didn’t even do. I’m at the point where I’m ready to give up my son. My Josh is my heart he was my miracle baby. I was able to get pregnant three times the first one with his sister after her birth three years later I got pregnant again and had a miscarriage. I was told I could never have children again so I gave up. I wanted to have surgery and I found out I was pregnant! God showed me not give up. I have prayed so hard this past year and I’m to the point, like I said, I’m ready to give up. I don’t know what to do. We were always a very close family this is a family that would have dinner every night at the dining room table and we will sit for an hour or two hours after the meal and just talk. I’m so heartbroken. I’ve been asked too many times what I wanted for Christmas this year and the only thing I want is my family together again. Please pray pray hard for me I need all the prayer I can get. Thank you
    1. Anon

      Praying for you!