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  • 1. Please pray for my daughter in a toxic and dangerous relationship. He controls her, has physically hurt her, can't keep a job, hooked on porno and drugs and yells at her constantly. I've helped her move out several times, but she returns. Law enforcement told me they can't help until she speaks up. She has two children with her husband. I fear for their safety. Her husband is even verbally abusive towards me and does not allow her to visit me or at times even call me. He controls her phone and spies on her social media. pretends to be her on the phone and posts as her on her social media page. I've reported him to his probation officer. Yes, he's been arrested twice for domestic abuse, but gets a slap
    2. Please pray for my health. I have two autoimmune illnesses that are breaking me down. I recently had surgery and developed complications.
    3. Please pray for my mother who has Parkinson’s and several other health issues. Her health is deteriorating quickly. She's in a lot of pain.
  • Prayers for a relative in a difficult relationship. Lost two children, but never the same. Won't go to counseling. I beg for your prayers.
  • My husband has his eosphagus and stomach taken away on Monday, due to cancer, his lungs have collapsed, and he's on ventilation, and sedation. Please pray he pulls through
  • Hi. I can't say too much right now, but my husband is in jail because of an accident. People are trying to make him look evil, but I know he is not. He is even telling people about Jesus in jail Praise God! He loves God and is always helping someone. I do believe that God is working everything out; I hold on to His word. It's all that's getting me through. It has been so hard to be here without my husband. We've been together for almost 28 years. We live together; work together. We haven't been apart for a day for several years now, and now it has been almost seven weeks since I've seen him. I pray God will prove him innocent and set him free from jail. We do get to talk almost daily, thank God. It is hard on both of us to be apart, but we are holding on because we believe God is working. Thanks for your time, and God bless!
  • That God will help me find the truth and mend my broken heart. Please pray that I will find peace and that the person who has hurt me realizes the pain they have brought on me,
  • That God will help me find the truth and mend my broken heart. Please pray that I will find peace and that the person who has hurt me realizes the pain they have brought on me,
  • I need your prayers very badly. My partner and I have been good friends for long. We have both lost our spouses. Im 73 and he is 80 so all we want is companionship and to be there for each other. I have no children. He has two grown-up daughters living abroad. We want to get married but his daughters have told him "we don't want another mother." This is rather unreasonable I think. PLEASE PRAY FOR US TO GET MARRIED AND TO CHANGE HIS DAUGHTERS NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.
    I tried the special request site n cdnt connect.
  • I have Lyme disease and other coinfections that typically come with it. I don’t remember a bite but I got sick 2 years ago. It affected my peripheral nerves as well as pain in my joints and muscles. I have a great doctor who is very expensive which is ok now but I have a lot of fear that I won’t fully recover. Please pray that I can give God my fear and have a better outlook. Pray that I will recover completely. I can’t work now and feel like I’m in a holding pattern doing the same thing every day. Taking handfuls of medicine without much progress. The meds kill the Lyme and then they give off toxins which cause a lot of pain. My body is missing a gene that helps you detox. My diet is very limited low carb, dairy, gluten, sugar. So it’s basically lean meat and vegetables. It doesn’t sand terrible but after 2 years it gets old. I’ve lost 30 lbs and I don’t have much to spare. I’m grateful for your prayers! Thanks and God bless you.
  • The last half of this year has been a great challenge: a man I love has been hospitalized with organ damage and was near death several times; he will not recover. And in the last two months, I had eye surgery, acute appendicitis with appendectomy, and then I developed Achilles tendinitis as a rare effect from the antibiotics.
    My twin sister, who had chronic progressive M.S. for over 41 years, and after pneumonia, sepsis, and a stroke, succumbed two weeks ago at her nursing home 100 miles away. I could not see her, since I'm not supposed to walk or drive, and may now need surgery for the tendinitis. All I could do was sing to her over the phone, even though I was told she was unresponsive.
    I am trying to maintain my equanimity, but these events have felt like a cumulative onslaught! I face surgery and a long recovery, winter is here, and COVID has resurfaced, so this will be an isolating time.
    I'm an agnostic, by which I mean that I don't have a belief in a specific Deity. But I do believe that prayer can help. And I ask for any prayers - for strength, hope, healing, positivity - any of you may care to give. I try to remind myself to be grateful. Thank you!
  • February 1st will be five years that I lost my entire stomach to cancer.
    I got three vaccines.
    My three grandchildren, two are special needs.
    My daughter has not gotten the vaccine which has cost a lot of stress because of my constant begging for her to get the vaccine. She has completely cut me off from my grandbabies.
    My heart is broken.
    I call twice a week to no avail.
    She's consuming so much alcohol. So many pills.
    I know she is a woman of faith but she has lost her way.
    Father God I am asking you to heal my family. Amen
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