Prayer Request



  • i am 72, and recovering from a compound fracture in my left leg. i have been bedridden for 6 months. i am very slow in learning how to walk again
  • My son and his longtime companion Jessica, need prayers. They both struggle with alcohol addiction and Jessica has become very ill and it appears to be a consequence of her drinking. It looks like it may be her liver that is failing. She has been hospitalized and it doesn’t look good. My son feels guilty and I’m worried if she doesn’t make it, he’ll do something like take his own life. I’m worried sick about both of them. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
  • Needing prayers for my health and that somehow I’m able to pay my bills and not have to be soo worried about it. Really been making me physically sick (lost 30 pounds) already from chronic nausea with stress!
  • My eldest daughter Diane has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer - the most aggressive form there is. She started chemotherapy yesterday and will be travelling a long and hard road to recovery. The oncologist is hopeful because it has been found in the early stages and should respond to treatment. Please pray for my girl, she has never smoked, taken drugs or drank to excess, she is a paramedic who has been on the frontline throughout the Covid pandemic, and she has a 9 year old daughter who she wants to see grown up. Prayers, healing and well wishing appreciated please.
  • I know this sounds like I’m looking for attention but I was told yesterday at University of Michigan that I must have brain surgery for a very large neuroma. It’s starting to slowly shut my body down. My doctor told me I have a 2-3 year expectancy if I choose not to have this removed. I’m going through with surgery within a few weeks and ask for the neurosurgeons knowledge in the removal of this from the nerves, the hematologist knowledge in keeping my blood flowing properly and the head and neck surgeon precision to keep me safe. Any and all prayers are appreciated.
    Love my Grey Feather friends ♥️
  • MY father in law has taken a turn for the worst in his battle with leukemia , We are out of town and husband is waiting for test results of covid test , It is so upsetting to not be jumping in our car to travel to say our good byes . But prayers can always help thank you
  • I’m 67. Husband is 66. Married 14 yrs. I have been verbally abused by my husband since the first week of marriage. Three yrs of dating never showed any signs of this. In the beginning I was going through family trauma with my mother and sister becoming very ill, so I just told myself I was being over sensitive, when he spoke to me in an undermining way, due to the other things going on in my life. So here I have been going on 15ys. We are retired. I’m on social security and it is the only money I have access to. He pays all the bills and buys most of the food. He does the cooking because he doesn’t really like my cooking. I believe this is all a part of his controlling personality He knows what he does and is apologetic afterwards . His abuse is wearing me down. I am miserable. I can’t go anywhere on my little bit of income. With all that said I am asking prayer for strength to get through one day at a time.
  • I met a woman late last night.She told me she had 9 deaths in 108 days...One being her husband..who went scuba diving..never to return from the sea..her brother\', father, grandmother, etc...Please Dear God send this woman everything she needs to find love, life, and happiness in the end. BRING HER SUNSHINE WHEN SHE SEES CLOUDS AND A HAPPY ENDING AND STRENGTH TO GET HER THROUGH THE TOUGH DAYS❤AND True Friends who care and walk in when her world Is dark to bring her light.Amen❤
  • I would like to ask prayers for my mother's health that is not good right now. She left hospital recently, but still with done health issues. Please pray for her. Her name is Erna Ruiz. Also, prayers for my father, his health, wellbeing and protection. My parents are senior citizens. Many thanks.
    1. Angie

      Heavenly Father I pray now for Erna Ruiz , Lord I ask for healing in your name. Lord I also ask prayers for this ladies father and Mrs. Ruiz husband with healing for his health and protection. In Jesus name, amen!

  • My 27yo son called me last night to tell me his vehicle had been confiscated by police and he is being investigated for drug related charges. He claims he is innocent. He's never been in trouble before, is a college grad and is working full time. I don't know what to believe and am so sick with worry. Please pray for my family.