Contract Release – Caregiver

I am 66 years old, a teacher that has been living and working away from my home. My son is living in my home with my youngest grandson to take care of. I feel like it is time to go home, I want to be closer to my grandson and am starting to need a bit of help.

I had an opportunity to interview with the school where I live and was offered a contract; I gave the required thirty-day notice to the school I am at but they will not accept my resignation until they find a suitable replacement. The new school has been very patient but I am worried that this will go on forever.

Please pray for a quick resolution. I also am guardian for a young woman, 23 with autism, and other disabilities. She was a student of mine years ago and her family rejected her. I need someone to care for her while I am at work after I finally am able to move.

Please pray that the right caregiver will be available. I believe so strongly in the power of prayer, thank you.