Family Discord

It has been years since my oldest son and I have been close as we used to be. In a recent bout of my depression he sent me a return message from a text I had sent him, that the way he and his wife were ignoring me wasn’t helping my depression and anxiety. And I wrote that the ignoring is one big thing that people with depression think of suicide as an option. He then called his wife, she messaged by other two children and in the end SHE decided against their wishes and called the cops. In turn making me feel worthless… and embarrassed! There’s a lot more to this mess I’ve made, but my son then wrote me a message of how he will NEVER BE DEPRESSED and he doesn’t want any negativity in his life! And in turn I’ve been pretty much not included in anything in their family besides my grandson. He can come anytime I want him, but they do drop off and pick up! I’ve tried several messages and talks to no avail! He just thinks I can be “HAPPY” and that doesn’t work when the stuff he has said to me has broken my heart! Please help… for prayers or advice!