Family Issues

Prayers for my son and his wife and their four kids. She had an affair two years ago with her boss and my son took her back. They had a micro-premie in March who is still in the NICU eight months later (and three other children) and his wife has taken back up with the boss.

His life is miserable and when she tried to involve us – parents and siblings in this, it did not work out the way she wanted and she has cut us all off but this includes cutting us off from the kids as well. We all need prayer that she will come to her senses, I will keep my mouth shut and this will all be resolved. I am heart broken that I can’t see the baby – because of the visiting policy we can’t go to the hospital without a parent and since my son can only go at night, the hospital will not allow us in after 9 p.m. We can’t even see pictures. Please pray. My heart is broken, my son is devastated and there are children under the age of eight involved.