General Prayers

I had started into menopause last year and it has definitely adversely affected my libido, while my husband has the libido of a man 40 years younger. I am concerned about it affecting our marriage.

I am also concerned that menopause is affecting my memory. My husband and I run a law office out of our home, and I often forget details, often having to ask him the same things over and over. We do not use prescription drugs nor OTC’s. I treat all menopausal symptoms with herbs. That is not likely to change – we have no health insurance nor can we afford it.

And also I covet prayers for our law practice, that God would prosper our business. We live in an area where many folks cannot afford an attorney and there is competition in our market more prosperous than we. We depend on God, but in terms of the world, we depend on the business to pay our bills and put food on the table.

I have seen the enemy attack our business – phone lines down for several days when clients and would-be clients were attempting to call, plus family issues. So we covet your prayers. Thank you and may God bless you!